History Sets You Free

Those who do not know the past are damned to repeat it!

History sets you free

Dear Pupils of Enfield County School. I will be changing and updating lots of stuff on this website during the school closure due to Coronavirus.

You can email me if you need help or are confused:

 NB: I have corrected my email. This is the correct email:


You will need to use this site to complete work yourselves at home.

There are interactive elements to the site that I do not yet understand and you will all be far better at using than me. So please feel free to comment, or share relevant and appropriate academic content related to our topics of study. Please feel free to teach me about the capabilities of the site that I do not yet understand.

Please also feel free to make requests for specific things that I could do that might help you.

Look after yourselves and others.

Edward Lloyd